The Fund is a long-term grantmaking program, which supports community foundations throughout Europe to address global challenges on the local level. In addition, the Fund will:

  • Promote the idea of local philanthropy.
  • Create the database of good practices aimed at implementing local solutions to global challenges.
  • Empower and inspire local communities to be actively engaged in different activities aimed at making the European communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

In our Program we focus on projects reffering to Sustainable Development Goals.* We would like to gather good practices dedicated to solving problems gathered in SDGs on the local level.

The Fund provides small grants to community foundations throughout Europe for the purpose of identifying and implementing local solutions to the above global challenges. When fully developed, the Fund will have a grantmaking budget of 500,000 USD and will offer annually 20-30 grants of 15,000 USD on average.


Here you can find logo of our Program and logo of the Academy.

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