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Join us

The purpose of the programme is to establish a long-term grantmaking program, which will support community foundations and local philanthropic throughout Europe to address global challenges on the local level. In addition, the Fund will:

  • Promote the idea of local philanthropy.
  • Create the database of good practices aimed at implementing local solutions to global challenges.
  • Empower and inspire local communities to be actively engaged in different activities aimed at making the European communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The Fund provides small grants to community foundations and local philanthropic organizations throughout Europe for the purpose of identifying and implementing local solutions to the above global challenges. When fully developed, the Fund will offer annually 20-30 grants of 15,000 USD on average.


Support the European Fund

For the time being our assets allow us to award 10-15 grants per year for the period of three years. We would like to raise funds for another 30 grants and prepare a set of a dozen or so of the best practices that will allow other organizations engage into solving global challenges on the local level. In order to so, it is necessary to increase the number of grants. Thanks to your support this goal may be achieved.

We invite you to the group of European Philanthropy Investors, who do care about challenges facing contemporary Europe. The minimum involvement amounts 15,000 USD. Philanthropy Investors may decide about the name or a title of the grant they support.

We have launched the project in July 2017.  Everybody may join and make a contribution to the project. Through combining our ideas, opportunities and enthusiasm we can make our communities, as well as the whole Europe, a better place.

Establish donor-advised fund

In addition to regular grant competition we assume the possibility to organize donor-advised projects within the GCLS Program. So far we have launched two such projects.

  1. Support for migrants that live in Poland, funded by BGŻ BNP Paribas. Read more
  2. Support for the Ukrainian community foundations, funded by Polish-American Freedom Foundation within the RITA – Region in Transition program, organized by Education for Democracy Foundation. Read more


If you would like to support the Global Challenges Local Solution program by spreading the word in your country, helping us to reach community foundations and other local philanthropic organizations, that may be interested in taking part in it, join the project as a Partner!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Kaja Petryka-Siemiończyk – Program Coordinator

Marzena Kacprowicz – Project Manager for international affairs

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